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2009-01-18 07:40:16 by ananasz

In case someone bumps onto this account:
I am done with submitting animations to Newgrounds, in general. It's a hard crowd to please and I never really had the time to make anything full-length or "Newgrounds worthy". I'll keep my brilliant ancient stuff online, for all to ridicule, but I'm not planning to update the list anytime soon.

I continued and will continue uploading videos (that also means Flash) at either Youtube or Deviantart.
Go to my Youtube account.
Go to my Deviantart account.


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2009-01-18 08:05:45


ananasz responds:

Seriously, are you still tracking me?

Don't worry about it.
I'm active,
just not here.


2009-01-18 08:08:54


ananasz responds:

My flashes aren't that great.

Next to that, my computer doesn't allow me to make large animations,
what means I can never make anything that will satisfy most of Newgrounds.


2009-01-18 08:41:22

your flashes may not be great now but oneday they will and at least your flashes are way better than average.
also animations don't always have to be big to satisfy everyone, there are shit loads of small animations that have won awards here too. but its your choice i guess :( so goodbye animator. see you on youtube


2009-01-18 17:19:52

it sounds like you just need to learn a few tips in proper compression.

if you would like, you could send me one of your fla's and I can take a look at what can be done to compress it. sorry you are having so much trouble with flash.

but flash is a great tool you just need to learn how to balance it alltogther.

ananasz responds:

Okey, I'll send you a file after school.


2009-01-19 11:21:11

Ok I got your file, and I was able to reduce it to under 500K , it was almost two megs.

Basically you just gotta take a few extra steps to keep your file size low,. I urge you to sit down and take your time through all the tutorials that come with flash as they can explain what Im saying better.

first thing, optimize your art, I know that the eddy show is meant to have a sketchy style but theres also tons of lines and vector you dont see but program does.

highlight your artwork then modify>shape>optimize. I actually use a program to do this at the very end when I do my flash animations, saves time too

Get used to converting your repeated animations into graphic symbols, or movie symbols.

Ill give you an example. in the loop you sent. You had Edd in 8 frames, but his animation is only 2 frames long. so he repeated those two animations for 8 frames.
Flash doesn't know you are repeating the art. so that vector is raw information is repeated over an over.
so your Eddy art in frame one lets say thats 10k, and the second is 11k. so all together over 8 frames thats 84k.
so I took the first two frames of Edd and placed him in a graphic symbol, now that symbol plays in a loop over the 8 frames, and since the symbol only has the first two frames, its only 21k.

I did the samething for the "EDD" text and heart. I made them into symbols .
also when you are done with the animation, you should make a new fla of that animation and do two things.
go to your library and select the "select unused items" from the tab. this shows you what is not being used in your flash. and in your fla, you had that long song twice, and ones not being used. that info still gets ported over into your movie.

There's still more tricks you can use, but I guarantee you will probably cut your filesize in half using these alone.

ananasz responds:

Though I didn't do it in this file (since it was small and looping) I already convert repeating frames into a graphic.

Though I didn't know about the first and the last thing you mentioned.
Since I am busy with a new animation, I'll try it.
And thank you,
you gave me the first decent answer after 5 years of useless information.


2009-01-19 14:37:32

good luck, cant wait to see how it comes out, and let me know if you still need help should anything crop up.




2009-12-16 17:35:22

Why stop submitting to Newgrouds? 0_o


2012-02-09 12:22:58

Well, seeing your latest submission from a day or two ago onto Newgrounds, it looks like you're really skilled, and that you might've come back from your hiatus. I hope you continue to bring animations that are as impressive as that Zelda Commercial (Which is still stuck in my head XD).

I would love to see more of your work. =)


2016-01-07 10:10:54

you got front-paged. "what" are you talking about?

ananasz responds:

Almost 7 years after I wrote this post.