2009-01-18 07:40:16 by ananasz

In case someone bumps onto this account:
I am done with submitting animations to Newgrounds, in general. It's a hard crowd to please and I never really had the time to make anything full-length or "Newgrounds worthy". I'll keep my brilliant ancient stuff online, for all to ridicule, but I'm not planning to update the list anytime soon.

I continued and will continue uploading videos (that also means Flash) at either Youtube or Deviantart.
Go to my Youtube account.
Go to my Deviantart account.

Upcoming ''Movie''

2008-02-16 06:23:44 by ananasz

I'm busy with a little story.
After alot of complaints about not having a loader in most of my work, this one will have one because it's going to be longer than 20 seconds now.
Anyways, shut the fook up, and wait for it.


2008-02-14 18:32:40 by ananasz

I was planning to remove everything from 2005/2006, but there are people who still have this crap in their faves, so there's nothing I can do about it.

I will try to upload decent stuff from now on.